Machine Monitoring

Machine Monitoring

Machine Monitoring System allows you to remotely monitor the location, operating performance, running status and periodical maintenance requirements of your machines. It enables you to record machine-related data, maximize machine performance and reduce energy consumption.

How It Works

Machine Monitoring is a cloud-based system, and uses IoT technology to communicate with your machines and export your data to the main server. It allows you to monitor your machines remotely with incoming alerts or notifications. This enables you to stop a machine when needed, identify part replacement requirements, detect potential malfunctions and improve efficiency.

What You Can Monitor

  • Machine location
  • Geolocation notification and moving away from operation area functions
  • Real (current) energy consumption
  • Fuel levels
  • Reading machine meter
  • Heater water temperature
  • Fleet use
  • Equipment operating times
  • Maintenance reminders
  • DTC error code notifications

Meet the world of IoT!

Internet of Things (IoT), which plays an active role in various areas from small appliances to smart cities, is a system of smart devices interconnected via the Internet, and enables checking data and running the application process as desired. Web-enabled smart systems that use embedded sensors, processors and communication hardware to collect, send and act on the data they acquire from environments are reshaping not only daily life but also industries. Discover more!

What we do

NetOP IoT Network Operator is a leading IoT company with a broad range of technology products and solutions via low power wide area network connectivity worldwide. We deliver wireless technology optimized for wide area connectivity with the assurance to get the lowest price and consumption offer through the in-house manufactured NetOP products. We listen to you to understand your needs to identify, develop and customize the solutions that meet the requirements of your business.