Plug and Sense

Smart Waste Management is a system that uses intelligent software to steer garbage trucks toward the full dumpsters via the shortest routes and save time.

How it works

The system, developed with IoT technology, uses smart sensors to collect dumpsters’ data and shares them with waste management departments via a web-based software app. Once the dumpsters are filled up to a specified level, the systems sends a signal and shows the shortest route to the dumpster waiting to be emptied. It improves operational efficiency and significantly reduces waste in your city.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your city!

Fuel consumption, which causes CO2 emissions, is a major factor in increasing your carbon footprint. The Smart Waste Management System saves time by eliminating avoidable loading and unloading of trucks, and reduces your city’s carbon footprint by avoiding needless fuel consumption.

Meet the world of IoT!

Internet of Things (IoT), which plays an active role in various areas from small appliances to smart cities, is a system of smart devices interconnected via the Internet, and enables checking data and running the application process as desired. Web-enabled smart systems that use embedded sensors, processors and communication hardware to collect, send and act on the data they acquire from environments are reshaping not only daily life but also industries. Discover more!

What we do

NetOP IoT Network Operator is a leading IoT company with a broad range of technology products and solutions via low power wide area network connectivity worldwide. We deliver wireless technology optimized for wide area connectivity with the assurance to get the lowest price and consumption offer through the in-house manufactured NetOP products. We listen to you to understand your needs to identify, develop and customize the solutions that meet the requirements of your business.