How can we help you?

We are here to help you. NetOP is looking forward for our customer happiness. If you believe that you are experiencing issues about our services and the products you purchased please let us now. We immediately try to solve your issue.

Here are some FAQ which you can easily find the common answers for your needs. If you can not find what your are looking for, please connect with us in order to get a quick support from our customer support team.


Why creat an account?

In order to have the benefits of IoT-Shops sales and easily manage your shopping, invoices, shipping addresses and following your order process you should have a IoT-Shops account. It takes 3 mins. to create a account.

How can I create an account?

On register ( page just enter your e-mail address and specify a password after this step you can add other necessary (shipping address, phone number, VAT number etc.) details to communication form. That’s all.

What if I forgot my password?

No problem. You can easily retrieve your password by providing your e-mail address by clicking “Lost your password?”

How can I modify my personal information?

After logging your account you can easily modify and update your account details.

How can delete my account?

For totally delete your account please send us an e-mail at

What are the shipping destinations?

Our online shop is open worldwide. Possibility of buying from abroad is directly dependent on the fact of the shipping costs.

What is the estimated date of shipment?

We try to do our best for fast shipping. By the way this process is related with stocks availability. Somehow we generally ship the products about 2 or 5 days average. Some of our products which are not available on stocks and has to be produced. On this case, estimated shipments takes up to 10-15 days after the order. We always update the state of estimated shipment dates on product pages. You can find the necessary info about shipment of your order on the related product page.

What is the estimated date of delivery?

This is all related with the shipment situation that you choose. If you prefer  “Express Shipment” it takes max. 5 days (usually delivered on 2 days) to deliver. If you prefer “Standard Shipment” it could take up to 15-25 days to deliver. For sure you have to pay much for “Express Shipment”.

What is Express Shipment?

Express shipment means that very fast shipment. We are working with DHL for Express Shipment. If you prefer “Express Shipment” while ordering you’ll have your order about 2 or 5 days according to your location.

What is Standard shipment?

We are using local shipment service for “Standard Shipment”. In this case you pay less for  shipment but delivery times extend according to your location. Average delivery times takes up to 15-25 days on standard shipments.

Do I have to pay for customs?

In some cases countries applies custom expenses due to their custom rules for the parcels that we shipped. On this cases customers has to pay for custom expenses that may occur.

Can I request special pricing for high quantities?

Yes sure. If you want to purchase high quantity of product please contact with our sales team in order to get discounted price. Just e-mail to “” about the the product and the quantity that you want to buy. Our sales team will prepare a discounted quote for you.

What can I do if the item I want to order is out of stock?

In this case please contact with us from “” to get detailed info about the product. If the product is out of stocks and will be produced you can leave a back order. Our sales team will give detailed information about the situations. So please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Can I set different addresses for shipment and billing?

Yes. You will have this option while ordering your device. You can easily set billing and shipping address separately.

How can I get more information about my product?

You can find the product information on the related page that you purchase. If you need more technical information you can contact with our support team by e-mailing to

How can I setup my device?

Please e-mail to with your purchase ID.

Can I use NetOP's IoT platform?

You can use NetOP’s IoT platform up to 10 devices free.

How can I get the device payload?

You can download the device payload documentation by clicking here. This file is always up to date.

How can I download the configuration app?

You can download the configuration app by clicking here. This file is always up to date.

When will my package be delivered?

For Express shipments delivering of the products takes 2-5 max. days after the shipment. On standard delivery it takes 15-25 days.

Can I change my personal details in an ongoing order?

In fact this is not possible. But some cases if the request is acceptable our team will try to help you. So please send an e-mail about your request to if we can do about you request or not.

Can I cancel my order online?

Yes sure. You can cancel your order within 24 hours by e-mailing to Your payment will automatically be refund after cancel process. Refund process may take 2-4 days to seen on your your credit card.

How can I track my order?

We are sharing the tracking ID of your order after the shipment.

What are the payment methods supported by

You can pay by

+ Credit Card (Master,Visa,American Express)
+ PayPal
+ Direct Bank Transfer
+ iDeal
+ Klarna

All payments are secure with SSL checkout.

How long will take my Bank Transfer payment to be processed?

It takes usually 2-4 days.

Why is VAT number is important?

If you are a company please provide the VAT number in order to create a invoice. If you are not a commercial buyer you can skip the VAT section entering “00”

How is my tax calculated?

Taxes are calculated depending on where the seller is located, the shipping destination and whether you have a VAT registration number or not.

For example, if you are placing an order inside the EU to an European seller your order will not include taxes as far as you provide a valid VAT number (Netherlands excluded).

How can I get my invoice?

All of the invoices e-mail to the customers automatically after the process completed. Also you can reach your invoices by logging your account and clicking the order tab.

How can I submit a claim?

Please e-mail to

When will my order be refunded?

As soon as your refund request is confirmed by our Customer Care service, you will receive your money back whithin 3 to 5 business days depending on your location and the method of payment used.

How can I contact your Customer Care service?

To contact our Customer Care team please send us an e-mail to